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Melbourne May 2015


MAY  2015 - Friday 29th, 7.00pm till late 
Fund Raising Project 

 The Ampara Project: A Night Out
 [Live Entertainment]

Be a part of "The Ampara Project: Sri Lanka". Raising funds for community development within the Ampara region, Sri Lanka. $10pp (all proceeds towards The Ampara Project). With Live Entertainment, and great prizes to be won!

For more information:
For further support:

Supported by The Aspirations Education Foundation, ABCD Australia, and Deakin University. At The Racecourse Hotel; 895 Dandenong Road, Malvern East.

Contact: Rebecca (please email) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MAY  2015 - Friday 29th, 7.00pm 
Dinner Dance

"KelaniNite 2015"



Contact: Sanjaya 0433 487 427


MAY  2015 - Saturday 30th, 7.00pm 
Music Jam Session

Contact: Galle Road 9794 7346



MAY  2015 - Saturday 30th, 7.30pm 
Dinner Dance

Contact: Aynkaran Sivaratnam 0401 120 007


MAY  2015 - Saturday 30th, 7.30pm 
Dinner Dance

Contact: MALIK ZAVEER 0402 314 595, Cuthbert 0403 719 491, Nilkamal 0410 545 536


MAY 2015 - Saturday 30th, 2.00pm & 6.30pm
Music Show

For more details visit:

Seating Plan -
* All seats will be allocated with a number. All patrons to follow the seating plan.
* All tickets will be Sold ONLINE.
Tickets and info -

Contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Call - 9305 5362 or SMS 0420 601 451



MAY  2015 - Saturday 30th, 12.00pm 
Buddhist Festival 

Festival of Light is a multicultural celebration of Peace inspired by Buddha’s birthday. We had 8,000 people attending this festival last year. Similar to last year there will be lots of activities, workshops and performances for visitors to enjoy. Light and fireworks show will be the highlight of the evening with a 8m long metal dragon breathing fire from the level 2 of the Stupa.

Festival will start at 12.00 pm with a chanting by monks. Visitors can take part in a meditation session, listen to a talk on Buddhism, make offerings and write their wishes and hang them on a Bodhi Tree. There will be workshops on sand Manadala making by , lantern making and creating your own Peace Flag. Guided tours to the upper levels of the Stupa and a Q & A in the relics area by the TSL monetary will be available for Q & A in the relics area throughout the afternoon. Performances by Karen community Bendigo, CMS Danceworx and AU CO Group from Melbourne will entertain the visitors in the afternoon. Delicious Vietnamese food will be available throughout the day.

Evening session will start with releasing of Peace Flags created by schools in Bendigo area by the interfaith and community leaders. Performances for the evening will include Korean drumming team from Melbourne, Lion Dancing team from Bendigo Chinese Association, Sri Lankan Kandyan dancing performance, Vietnamese dance and a musical about an injured Swan by CV Dance Group. Beautiful colour lights and images will be projected to the walls of the Stupa followed by a spectacular fireworks show. Entrée is free for the event. Reserved seating is $5 for the evening session starting at 6 pm. It is recommended to arrive before 5.30

Contact: 03 5446 7568


MAY  2015 - Saturday 30th, 7.00pm to Sunday 31st, 7.00pm 
Meditation Retreat 

Contact: Temple 9736 3937


MAY  2015 - Sunday 31st, 6.30pm to 9.00pm 
Special Pooja 

Contact: Nimal 0438 508 257, Chandra 9795 5070, Randeniya 0402 632 943


Melbourne June 2015


JUNE - Tuesday 2nd,  8.00pm   
Dhamma Sermon 

POSON Poya Dhamma Sermon by Rev Akarawita Sangananda Thero at the Dandenong Temple, 43 Hemming Street, Dandenong.

Listen to the recording of the sermon on "Sadaham Handa" Lakhanda Sinhala Radio Programme on FM 97.7 - Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm.   

Contact: Temple 9794 9492, Gamini 9799 6308


JUNE 2015 - Friday 5th, Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, 6.30pm to 10.00pm  
Poson Celebrations

Lanterns in Motion 2015
The rotating three story lantern will be displayed in a five meter tall convertible podium and the electric-mechanical system of the lantern consisting of 84 pieces. It also features a spectacular light display of numerous designs. At 181, Paynes Road, Rockbank.

Contact:  Temple 9747 1902, Keerthi Jayakody 0434 530 061


JUNE  - Saturday 6th, 7.00pm  

Music Concert

 9699 3333 or


JUNE  - Saturday 6th, 7.30pm to 1.00am 
Dinner Dance  

 Esrik 9700 4135, Mano 0452 544 957, Ron 0400 416 191, Jude 0433 216 477


JUNE  - Saturday 6th, 7.00pm
Dinner Dance  

 Pushpa Jayakody 0432 154 552


JUNE  - Sunday 7th, 4.30pm to 9.30pm  
Fundraiser - Charity Dinner

 Corine 0418 961 626 


JUNE  - Sunday 7th, 11.30am 
Church Event

Contact: Sasanka 0403 157 597 


JUNE  - Sunday 7th, from 6.30am to 8.00pm
Poson Event

Contact: Temple 9736 3937 


JUNE  - Sunday 7th, 7.00pm to 1.00am 
Dinner Dance


SOLD OUT.........

Contact: Lasantha Jayalath 041 049 3712, Eric Abeyratne 042 579 0477


JUNE  - Saturday 13th, 6.30pm
Family Dinner Dance  

 Hector 0430 532 999, Sujith 0412 819 113


JUNE  - Saturday 13th, 6.00pm
Musical Event  

 Dhanushka 0401 632 264, Darshi 0466 262 862


JUNE  - Saturday 13th, 6.00pm  

Dinner Dance

Lets warm the cold Melbourne with Sri Lankan බයිලා rhythms of Solid Sri.
Organized by Northern Lions Sports Club - Broadmeadows.

Contact: Sangeeth 0406 507 042, Charith 0499 631 042, Saman 0429 005 097


JUNE  - Saturday 13th, 8.30pm  

Pirith - Buddhist Event

OAAV is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an all-night pirith chanting ceremony to be held at the Dandenong temple on the 13th of June. For further information please check

Contact: Kapila 0414 352 668, Namal 0433 961 597



JUNE  - Sunday 14th, 3.30pm & 6.30pm
Movie @ EPPING  

 Ajith 0403 439 055, 9700 0830


JUNE  - Sunday 14th, 11.00am
Holy Mass & Fundraiser Lunch

 Keith 0417 914 632, Ashok 0425 497 733, Afzal 0409 983 694, Adrian 0400 589 234


JUNE  - Sunday 14th, 12.00pm to 4.00pm
Fundraising Event  

 Jetha 0438 007 930, Mano 0411 647 440


JUNE  - Sunday 14th, 10.00am to 2.00pm

Get Together  

 Raja 0478 964 496, Wellington 9548 2313


JUNE  - Friday 19th, 7.00pm 
Music Show  

Centigradz: 'Too Hot To Handle' LIVE in Melbourne @ Springvale Town Hall.

Contact:  Dilshan Fernando 0476 608 611


JUNE  - Saturday 20th, 6.00pm 
Dinner Dance  



Nishantha Rajapakshe 0411 238 263


JUNE  - Saturday 20th, 6.00pm 
Short Films  


Contact: Mahinda 0425 808 642, Clarence 0447 654 197, Ransi 0425 600 790


JUNE  - Saturday 20th, 7.00pm to 11.00pm 
Hoppers Night  



Dharmapala Past Pupils Association

At Mt Waverley Youth Centre, 45 Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley.  

 Chathura 0421 573 385, Vidura 0424 295 893


JUNE  - Saturday 20th, 7.00pm 
Dinner Dance  


Organised by Isipathana College OBA Australia. 
Please keep the date free. More details to follow. At the Hungarian Community Centre.

Contact: Rajeev Weerasiri 0413 430 590


JUNE  - Sunday 21st, 6.30pm 
Music Show 

 Tissa 0413 091 845 Niroshana 0433 450 897 Menaka 0412 979 980 Samantha 0433 450 897


JUNE  - Saturday 27th, 7.30pm onwards 
Hopper Night 

 Dinesh 0412 006 221, Roshan 0431 080 621, Nishadi 0431 738 290 


JUNE  - Saturday 27th, 6.00pm onwards 
Entertaining and Interactive Motivational Program 


Platform for Personal Transformation
Platform is where you take a break before continuing your journey.
It is where you empty & re- arrange your luggage. 
It is where you relax & rejuvenate.

 Namal 0433 961 597, Pubudu 0401 987 710, Nuwan 0450 265 167  


Melbourne July 2015


JULY - Wednesday 1st,  8.00pm   
Dhamma Sermon 

Adi Asela Poya Dhamma Sermon by Rev Akarawita Sangananda Thero at the Dandenong Temple, 43 Hemming Street, Dandenong.

Listen to the recording of the sermon on "Sadaham Handa" Lakhanda Sinhala Radio Programme on FM 97.7 - Wednesday 8.30-9.30pm.   

Contact: Temple 9794 9492, Gamini 9799 6308


JULY  - Saturday 4th, 7.00pm to 12.00am 
Dinner Dance  



Contact: Iroshi (Dileen) 0431 015 788


JULY  - Saturday 4th, 6.30pm 

Stage Drama - Gayan Kanishka Rajapaksha's new stage play.
Proudly presented by AIMAREAL PTY LTD  at the Besen Center, Burwood..

Compared with most animals, we humans engage in a host of behaviors that are destructive to our own kind and to ourselves. We lie, cheat and steal, carve ornamentation into our own bodies, stress out and kill ourselves, and of course kill others. ‘Stripped Killer’ in its inimitable manner, peeps much insight into why an intelligent species seems so nasty, spiteful, self-destructive and hurtful. Starring: Chandani Seneviratne, Bimal Jayakody, Jagath Chamila, Jagath Manuwarna,Sulochana Weerasinghe. Music by: Nimesh Fernando. Production Manager: Kasun Marasinghe

Contact: Kanishka 0425 788 044


JULY  - Sunday 5th, 12.30pm 
Lunch Dance 

Contact:  Rodney 9848 4623, Trevor 9706 1084


JULY - Tuesday 7th,  10.30am to 11.30am  
Musical Show


DERRICK J - Xmas Show
At Bayswater Hotel, Bayswater

Derrick 0438 874 488


JULY  - Saturday 11th, 7.30pm 
Fundraiser Dinner 

Contact: Larry 0423 642 941, 0425 701 587, 0468 442 254


JULY  - Saturday 11th,  6.30pm 
Dinner Dance with Music @ Coburg

Contact: Samudra 0411 569 811, Nishantha 0433 785 570


JULY  - Saturday 11th, 6.30pm 
Family Dinner 

Buddhist Vihara Victoria Annual Family Dinner
Members of the BVV - Berwick Temple Family & friend's get together. This event is organised to raise fund for the ongoing projects at the temple. Sing-along musical night with veteran musicians from Sri Lanka & the maestro musicians of Indian origin , coming together to create a quite a different musical retreat, first time in Melbourne. More info will follow. Please be there to support our worthy course. At the Hungarian Community Centre, Wantirna South.

Contact: Don Leelarathna 0401 586 573