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Melbourne August 2014


Dinner & Lunch 

 Sandown Regency 0424 299 226, 0433 695 397l 


AUGUST - Friday 22nd, 6.30pm
Dinner "Taste of Ceylon"
At Brandy Creek Wines & View Cafe
570 Buln Buln Road, Drouin East, Victoria

Contact: 03 5625 4498, 0429 413 389, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AUGUST - Friday 22nd, 7.30pm
ICC Cricket Trophy

Contact: Walauwa 9548 2798, Johann 0412 273 928


AUGUST - Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd, 
Christian event

Contact: Marisa 0777 518 814, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AUGUST - Saturday 23rd, 7.00pm  
Dinner Dance


Trevor 0402 338 637, Niral 0419 368 671, Peneeth 0404 213 166, Vasee 0403 471 642


AUGUST - Saturday 23rd, 6.00pm
Music Concert



Gayana Music Circle – Melbourne, proudly presents, a “Tribute to Sunil Santha – Kokila Nade” music concert to celebrate this renowned and influential Sri Lankan singer’s 99th Birth Anniversary. Music Direction by Tharupathi Munasinghe.  Further details will be updated soon. Please keep the day free. At River Gum Performing Arts Centre, Hampton Park.


Contact: Daya 0448 972 872. Menik 0433 968 964


AUGUST - Saturday 23rd, 6.30pm  
Music show

Aradhana Music Circle Inc.
Presents Annual Musical Show on 23rd August.
At High Street Road  Uniting Church Hall Mount Waverly (Melway 61 G12)   

Udeni Mallawarachchji 0433 323 484, Lalith Aruna Shantha 0402 277 589


AUGUST - Saturday 23rd, 6.00pm to 8.00pm 
Dhamma Sermon



Mahamevnawa Temple 9700 6870

AUGUST - Saturday 23rd, 6.00pm
Dhamma Sermon

"VAS BANA 2014"

Next Dhamma Sermon of our VasBana 2014 at Dhamma Sarana series is on Saturday 23rd August at 6:00 PM. This sermon will be conducted by Ven. Dorowwe Gnanarathana Thero.  At 329-335 Greens Road, Keysborough.
Temple 9769 0872


AUGUST - Sunday 24th, 2.30pm
Mass & AGM


Australia Sri Lanka Catholic Association - Holy Mass followed by AGM on Sunday the 24th of August 2014 at 2.30 pm. Venue - St Jude Parish Hall, 49 George Street, Scoresby (Melway 72G9).

Suresh 9763 4649, Rev Sister Concepta 5277 3620


AUGUST - Sunday 24th, from 9.00am  
Buddhist Event


 Contact: ACSSA 8787 8150

AUGUST - Sunday 24th, 3.00pm and 6.00pm
Sinhala Movie @ Monash 


"With You, Without You"

  Movie @ Monash University Theatre Clayton Campus; Presented By Vikasitha Art Circle Popular Art Director Prasanna Withanage's "OBA NATHUWA, OBA Ekka" (With You, Without You) more details:

Contact: Sarath 9794 9025, Ari 0409 133 986


AUGUST - Sunday 24th, 6.00pm 
Music Concert

Contact: Saman 0459 213 383, Sam 0433 695 397


AUGUST - Sunday 24th, 2.00pm   
Fundraiser Concert

Contact: Marcia 9886 3564, 0425 713 041, Belinda 0416 400 783



AUGUST - Sunday 24th, 6.00pm
Sinhala Drama

Contact: Metta 9859 7562, Dilky 0403 748 460, Sewwandika 0430 540 318, Saliya 0437 781 673


AUGUST - Friday 29th,
Music Dance

Contact: NAZ 0412 126 176



AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 6.00pm to 8.00pm 
Dhamma Sermon


Mahamevnawa Temple 9700 6870

AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 6.00pm
Musical Concert

Contact: Mala 9338 9840, Mangalika 0403 014 561


AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 6.30pm  
Drama Festival

Contact: Palitha 0401 8282 431, Susama 0434 049 230

AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 7.30pm to 1.30am 
Dance & Dinner

Contact: Bernard 0403 195 119, Bandula 0422 228 111

AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 7.30pm to 12.30am 
Dinner Dance

 Dinner Dance organised by Ave Maria Convent Past Pupils Association Melbourne Inc. Please come and join this gala event to be held at the Serbian Orthodox Church Hall, 115 Chapel Street, Keysborough. Sumptuous dinner by Jolly J's and music by Redemption.

Contact: Ramani Aserappa 0416 027 392, Shyamalee Don 0432 904 663


AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 2.00pm  


Victorian School of Languages Roxburgh Park & Epping Centres Sinhala faculties proudly presents the variety concert. At the Plenty Ranges Art & Convenstion Centre.

Contact: Himalee Karunasena  0409 077 420


AUGUST - Saturday 30th, 7.30pm to 1.00am
Charity Dinner

Contact: Janine 0432 133 733, Charmaine 0404 860 979, Karen 0421 059 861,  Renira 0425 827 669


AUGUST - Sunday 31st,   
Awards Nominations

Visit - for full details

Visit - for full details

Virosh 0406 308 302, 0416 488 166


AUGUST - Sunday 31st, 5.30pm  

Presents a talk by Tina Faulk on  

‘A Colonial Childhood in Ceylon’

Her talk will be based on Tina’s biographical book ‘The Island of Singing Fish’ which tells the story of Tina’s Sri Lankan-Dutch family, that began over five hundred years ago when Roelof Dircksz, a young Dutch trader working for the Dutch East India Company (VOC), came ashore to Ceylon and married into a trading family in Galle Fort. Five centuries later, after two official government rulings and the post independence ‘Sinhala Only’ language policy, Tina’s family was compelled to emigrate to Australia.  As a result it became necessary to search ancient genealogical records to prove ‘European heritage’ ancestry, (the then-requirement under Australia’s Immigration Act of 1901 - the ‘White Australia’ policy).  


Those investigations unearthed some surprising family histories……and became the basis of Tina’s book.  Chapters of ‘The Island of Singing Fish’ include “Gold in Malacca, lead in Galle’; ‘In Gods We Trust’; ‘Leonard’s Lanka’; ‘Things Fall Apart’ and ‘The Singing Fish’.


Tina Faulk is a contributing journalist writing for ‘The Spectator Australia’. Tina was previously North Asia correspondent for ‘The Bulletin’ based in Tokyo and ‘The South China Morning Post’ and ‘The Far Eastern Economic Review’ correspondent based in Hong Kong

Come to the talk and save 10% on a signed copy of the book "Island of Singing Fish"

At St Scholastica's Community Centre, St Scholastica’s Church
348 Burwood Highway, BENNETTSWOOD, Burwood (Melway 61 D6)
(please park on the side streets or behind the church school)

Hemal 0427 725 740


AUGUST - Sunday 31st, 3.00pm  
Talk Seminar

"Near Death Experiences - What Can We Learn From Them?"

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are unusual occurrences described by individuals, who have been in life threatening situations or pronounced clinically dead, but miraculously survived to tell us their tale. The seminar will present an overview of the different aspects of NDE's, highlighting narratives from those who have experienced the phenomenon as well the literature, and then go on to discuss what we all can learn from it. There will be ample time for discussion in Sinhalese or English.  At Monash University Clayton, Building 72, Engineering Lecture Theater E7 

Chakra Wijesundera 0418 481 710


AUGUST - Sunday 31st, 5.00pm to 7.00pm 
Dhamma Sermon


Mahamevnawa Temple 9700 6870

AUGUST - Sunday 31st, 12.00pm to 4.00pm 
Jazz Afternoon


A Community First fundraiser event to raise funds for their charity efforts in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A Sunday, hopper lunch with some good music in very convivial surroundings that are not always available to public access. Featuring one of Australia's leading saxophonists, Robbie Burke.

Contact: Fazal Cader 0408 149 109



AUGUST - Sunday 31st, 10.00am to 2.00pm 
Get Together


Raja 0478 964 496, Wellington 9548 2313


Melbourne September 2014


SEPTEMBER - Wednesday 3rd, 8.00pm
CD Launch & Concert

present their new album 'Tales To Tell', the follow up to their critically acclaimed 'Moments In Time' release. 'Tales To Tell' take its listeners on an alluring journey of sounds gathered around the globe, showcasing original compositions by Alex Pertout and Nilusha Dassenaike and featuring an eclectic cast of outstanding national and international guests. At The Spotted Mallard, 314 Sydney Road, Brunswick.



SEPTEMBER - Saturday 6th, 7.00pm to midnight
Dinner Dance

Contact: Thanuja 0423 513 420, Ishani 0431 207 585, Bhagya 0431 211 835, Shyamalee 0481 326 241


SEPTEMBER - Saturday 6th, 6.30pm

Music Concert


Contact: Ajantha 0406 702 355



SEPTEMBER - Friday 5th, 7.30pm 
Dinner Get togther

"Performing Arts Circle (PAC)"  


The launch of the Performing Arts Circle (PAC). The PAC was formed by a group of arts enthusiasts in Melbourne with the aim fo collaboratively enhancing the Sri Lankan identity in Australian Art. Enjoy a Sri Lankan style buffet menu while The PAC brings you the next great thing in performing arts that Melbourne has to offer; drama, music and dance like you have never experienced before.

Delight all your senses! Come and join the PAC! Be part of an exciting new venture!
At Walauwa - THE BUNGALOW, Sandown Regency, 477 Princes Highway, Noble Park.

Manji 0433 067 305


September - Saturday 6th, 3.00pm to 5.00pm  
Seminar & Book Launch

A limited number of copies of the book will be available for purchase on the day of the launch at a discount price.

Contact: Halina 9903 1275, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 9905 2185


SEPTEMBER - Saturday 6th, 7.00pm to 12.00am  
Family Night



Visakha Family Night 
Family Night organized by the Visakha Vidyala Past Pupils Association of Victoria. Catered By Desha (Hoppers all you can eat). Music By DJ.   At Good Shepherd Parish Hall, 30 Academy Avenue, Wheelers Hill.

Contact: Yasmin Moore 0418 395 049, Preethi Karunarathna 0412 579 945 


SEPTEMBER - Saturday 6th,  7.00pm to midnight 

Proudly presented by Holy Family Wennappuwa OGA, Inc. at St. John’s Church Hall Elizabeth St. (494 Whitehorse Rd.) Mitcham (Melway 48 J 9). Music by “West Theory”. Smorgasbord Dinner by P & D Food. Adult: $35.00, Children $20.00. BYO drinks Dress Smart Casual.  

Contact: Dinanthi 0425 793 335,Sandhya 9803 7205

SEPTEMBER - Saturday 6th, 7.00pm   

Upul 0413 585 436, Indika 0432 441 060

SEPTEMBER - Sunday 7th, 6.00pm 
Musical Show 

Darshana Dissanayaka;
the leading and the talented Sri Lankan music director with acclaimed recognition over his productions will be performing at Melbourne. He is well known for his songs in the movie "Samanala Sandhawaniya" and many other teledrama's. He is accompanied by two other Sri Lankan artists and many talented artists in Melbourne. Organised by the Australia - Sri Lanka Cultural Association. Tickets $ 50, $ 35, $ 25. At Rivergum Performing Arts Centre, 63 Fordholm Road, Hampton Park.

ඔහු  දර්ශන රුවන් දිසානායක - ඉකි ගසා  හඬන අතීතයක (2013), මේ තරම් සියුමැලිද කළුගල් (2011) නිර්මාණ වෙනුවෙන් හොඳම  සංගීත අධ්‍යක්ෂක රාජ්‍ය සම්මානය හිමි කර ගත්තා. ආචාර්ය ප්‍රේමසිරි කේමදාසයන් බඹරු ඇවිත්  චිත්‍ර පටයෙන් අපට දායාද කල වෙනස් පසුබිම් සංගීතයේ අභාෂය ඔස්සේ ගමන් කරමින් තමන්ටම ආවේනිකවූ සංගීත ශෛලයකින්  ජයන්ත චන්ද්‍රසිරිගේ සමනල සංද්වනිය සිනමා නිර්මාණයට සංගීත පන පොවා 2014 හොඳම සිනමා සංගීතයට හිමි සම්මානය හිමි කර ගත්තා.
 ·       ඉකි ගසා  හඬන අතීතයක, මේ තරම් සියුමැලිද කළුගල් සහ ඔහු නිර්මාණය කල තවත් ගීත රැසක් අසා රසවිදින්න.
 ·       අනුරාධපුර, පොළොන්නරු, නුවර යුගයන්හි ජන සංගීතය ආශ්‍රිත නිර්මාණ රැසක්  - FUSION 
·       ස්ව තන්ත්‍රීය සිංහල ඔපෙරා (Opera)

Contact: Neil 0438 651 238, Shantha 0432 653 750  


SEPTEMBER - Sunday 7th, 11.30am to 4.00pm 
Get Together Lunch

Peradeniya University Alumni, their families and friends get together to celebrate Father's Day 2014 to help provide scholarships to undergraduates who are financially disadvantaged. The day begins with a Kottu Roti Lunch prepared on site by alumni and friends for everyone to enjoy followed by fun and games. Children instead of buying a gift for dad make a contribution to the Scholarship Program to help the students. Please join us for this special celebration. At St Simons Parish Hall, 2 Taylors Lane, Rowville.

Contact: Thilak Gunatillake 0423 313 736


SEPTEMBER - Sunday 7th,    

Contact: Jetha Devapura 0438 007 930


SEPTEMBER - Friday 12th, 6.30pm  
Book Launch

The launching ceremony of Sinhala novel 'MIRINGUWEN EHA" written by Vineetha Wijerathna. At CHANDLER THEATRE, Isaac Road, Keysborough  

Vineetha Wijerathna  0404 774 345, 0424 122 359


SEPTEMBER - Saturday 13th, 7.30pm to 12.30am 
Dinner Dance

Paul 9801 3919, Desmond 9800 5514, Patsy 9798 3774, Gordon 9888 2590, Roland 9801 8756


SEPTEMBER - Saturday 13th, 7.30pm to 12 midnight 
Dinner Dance


  Anton & Jean 5995 6926, Lester 0408 900 990, Prince 0421 221 365,
Rohan & Annerine 9546 7926


SEPTEMBER - Saturday 13th, 6.00pm to 8.00pm 
Dhamma Sermon


Mahamevnawa Temple 9700 6870