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December 2020 - Saturday 5, 3.00 Pm to 5.00 pm
Buddhist Event


විචිත්‍රවත්  ධර්ම  කථික  අතිපුජ්‍ය ගලිගමුවේ ඥාණදීප හිමියන්  විසින්  අප යෝජිත  විහාරස්ථානයට  අනුග්‍රහය  දක්වනු පිණිස  දෙසැම්බර් මස 5 වන දින Great Stupa පරිශ්‍රයට  වැඩම කිරීමට නියමිතය.

වසංගත තත්වය  හේතුකොට ගෙන  ඉතා සීමිත සංඛ්‍යාවක්  පමණක් ධර්ම  දේශනාව  සදහා සහභාගී  කරවා ගත හැකි  බැවින් මේ මස 27 වන දිනට පෙර ඔබේ පැමිණීම දැනුම් දෙන්න .

දිනය  - දෙසැම්බර්  5

වේලාව - සවස 3 සිට 5 දක්වා 

ස්ථානය  - Great  Stupa, 25 Sandhurst Town Rd, Myers Flat VIC 3556

සුදු ඇදුමින් සැරසී එන්න 

මීට සංවිධායක කමිටුව 
බෝධි ධම්ම විහාරය 


Contact: Deeptha 0430 712 788


December 2020 - Sunday 6, 11.00 am to 2.30 pm


Annual General meeting

The meeting will have two parts.

1) Part 1 Extraordinary Special meeting to discuss the (Draft attached) amended constitution and related meeting.

2) Part 2 the AGM. 


At Walawwa Restaurant (upstairs Board Room)

477 Princes Hwy, Noble Park 


BYO drinks is allowed but Walawwa will change charge $15 for each spirits and $5 for wine as corkage.

Soft drinks and beer should be purchased from the bar.

Lunch lamprais provided

If you need further information, please contact Suranga Ranasinge

Donation of $20 / person requested to cover club expenses.


Contact: Naomal 0407 477 447


December 2020 - Saturday 12, 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Afternoon Tea - a ZOOM event

CCC Foundation  

It's been a year since the CCC Foundation had it's last CCC Ball in November 2019. With restrictions still in place for large scale events, we have decided to run an online event to keep our supporters informed on our journey through COVID 19. It has definitely been a challenging year for all of us, and especially for our team managing our CCChouse and CCCline projects.

CCChouse provides a home away from home for over 100 outpatients with cancer and their carers daily. As you may know cancer patients are in the higher risk category of catching infections and our team in Sri Lanka has done amazing work to serve and protect the outpatients, particularly during COVID 19. Mental health concerns and general crisis support needs during COVID 19 have kept our CCCline Crisis Support Line providing vital services to thousands of people in distress. During this time we also launched our Let'sTALK program workshops in Melbourne and our Let'sTALK & Walk campaign. We will present our achievements and our challenges during this event. 

Our special guest Dilruk Jayasinha, a comedian, actor and Logie winner will be also joining us. 


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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